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Case Management and FOIA Compliance

April 25th, 2012 by Allison Cotney

Armedia has done several presentations now on how software for case management can be extremely beneficial in enabling federal it solutions to experience increased efficiency in handling FOIA requests.

With a large portion of the United States Federal Government now using some sort of CMS system, the natural next step is working to make these solutions work better for their specific needs. This presentation, initially given at DrupalCampMD,  is one example that shows how case management solutions can deliver for the specific needs of the United States Government.

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  1. Herwin says:

    Governments have a lot of information and obviously citizens want to have access to that (at least part of that). But making that information available to them is a painfull and costly process. This Drupal with an Alfresco combination makes sence.

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