The Best Napersoft Alternative For Your FOIA Needs 

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the best Napersoft alternative for FOIA agencies

Napersoft has been a leading provider of Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions for 3 decades now. In its client base, Napersoft has more than 1000 satisfied clients within financial services, insurance, telecom, utilities, and federal agencies.

Among many solutions, Napersoft also provides a FOIA solution. And what got my attention in Napersoft FOIA was its unique approach to FOIA processing.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into this solution.

Napersoft’s Unique Approach To FOIA

The main reason why I chose to talk about Napersoft today is its uniqueness when it comes to FOIA processing.

Just like most of the FOIA software solutions on the market, Napersoft offers automated creation, assembly, distribution, and archival of documents related to FOIA requests. In simpler words, Napersoft FOIA software solution takes care of the entire FOIA process, from submission to delivery.

To do this quickly and efficiently, Napersoft FOIA software solution relies on process-oriented workflows and pre-approved document templates.

The process-oriented workflows and pre-approved document templates do not only contribute to the full automation of the process. They also improve the overall quality of request responses and reduce the time and effort spent on training.

Upon creation of request responses, Napersoft FOIA software solution delivers responses through multiple channels simultaneously based on each requester’s individual preference (print, e-mail, fax, and/or other formats). And archives response requests in a secure and reliable content repository.

This FOIA software solution automates business rules, document reviews, and approval processes and as such facilitates regulatory compliance.

Many organizations, federal agencies included, use outdated and incompatible legacy systems that are weighed down by paper-based and manual processes.

Process-oriented workflows, on the other hand, allow federal agencies to effectively and efficiently complete FOIA requests and communicate with their customers.

And Napersoft’s uniqueness lies just there, in communication.

Napersoft FOIA software solution is, in fact, a Correspondence Solution that focuses on communications, both internal and external.

Napersoft believes that effective communication is essential to the success of organizations across all industries, especially to federal agencies that deal with FOIA. And they’re right.

A single FOIA request may need the work and collaboration of dozens of employees and departments within one federal agency.
But, often a FOIA request requires the expertise and data from multiple departments, agencies, and other government bodies.

So, paying special attention to communication and correspondence when dealing with FOIA is not strange, if anything, it is a smart and well-thought move.

The image below will give you a visual representation of how Napersoft FOIA Correspondence Solution works.

Napersoft FOIA Correspondence solution

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The focus Napersoft puts on correspondence and communication is what makes this FOIA software solution unique. But, this uniqueness is both strength and weakness. Why weakness?

Making one thing a priority in an industry where multiple features are a must can be a huge mistake. Especially, when you make correspondence a focus in a Document Management software.

FOIA processing does need correspondence management, but correspondence can never be the focus of FOIA.

There is always the primary need for solid Data Management as a basis for FOIA processing, accompanied by Document review and redaction, Payment Management and Request Management.

Again, I am not saying that Correspondence Management is not part of FOIA processing, but rather, it is not the primary focus that FOIA software solutions should revolve around.

So what a solid FOIA software solution should focus on? Let’s take a look at a few must-haves of any FOIA software solution:

  • Centralized processing from various request channels: fax, web, paper
  • Simplified uploads of documents, photos, and videos
  • Compliance with security and records retention
  • Mobile friendly and cloud-ready module
  • Document storage and management
  • Workflow-driven Case Management
  • Automated Business Intelligence
  • Reduced risk of information lost
  • Faster information assembling
  • Automatic records declaration
  • Faster access to information
  • Improved workflow capacity
  • Audit trail of user actions
  • Faster response rate
  • In-document search
  • Flexible reporting
  • Cost tracking, etc.

My point from all of this is that a FOIA Correspondence solution is not going to cover it all. FOIA processing requires much more than that. And thankfully the industry knows that.

There are many solid Napersoft alternatives out there that can do all of this and much more.

One such example is the ArkCase FOIA software solution.

Let me tell you why this Napersoft alternative is much better than Napersoft Correspondence solution.

Why Is ArkCase FOIA Better Than Napersoft?

why is ArkCase FOIA better than Napersoft

ArkCase provides a FOIA software solution that focuses on much more than correspondence and communication.

It’s not that this Napersoft alternative does not value correspondence. On the contrary, the ArkCase FOIA software solution provides one interface for communication and correspondence which makes communication and collaboration between departments, agencies, employees, and requesters fast and easy. But, ArkCase’s focus is put on much more than just communication and correspondence.

This Napersoft alternative pays special attention to Data Management, Request Management, Payment Management, Document review and redaction and as such, offers a number of features and abilities, including:

  • Limitless room for growth, because the SaaS and your data are hosted on the Amazon Cloud,
  • Multi-tracking system for following the status of the FOIA request,
  • Reliable data migration from any previous system onto ArkCase,
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Secure storage of data,
  • Easy access to data,
  • Improved search, etc.

The ArkCase FOIA software solution is FedRAMP and NARA compliant and DoD 5015 certified.

The unique thing about Napersoft was its focus on correspondence while ArkCase’s uniqueness lies in transcribing multimedia files.

This Napersoft alternative has a transcription platform as part of its FOIA software solution that can convert any type of video or audio file into a text format that can further be managed like every other textual document.

You might wonder why would a federal agency that deals with FOIA need a transcription tool as part of their software solution. Because not all FOIA related data is packed in textual form. Think about security videos, court hearing… all of which take multimedia formats.

Working with these kinds of data is not easy, but converting them into text can, in fact, be very easy with the ArkCase FOIA software solution.

Napersoft Or ArkCase Unique Features, Which One Would You Choose?

Napersoft or ArkCase FOIA, which would you choose

My opinion on this subject is pretty clear.

As someone who has been in this industry for more than 17 years, I am pretty aware of what the market offers and what the users need.

A FOIA Correspondence solution is good, but is it all you need? Will it satisfy all of your FOIA needs?

ArkCase, on the other hand, is continually working on new and innovative features. Features that the market demands and has a positive response to. And this unique integration of the transcription shows how visionary this Napersoft alternative really is.

To see more of my thoughts on the best FOIA software solution currently existing on the market, you can read this blog post.

Please, feel free to share your opinions and experiences too. I would be glad to hear them.

If you have any other questions or comments feel free to contact us.

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