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Posted by James Bailey

the end of Metastorm BPM is already scheduled

Metastorm Business Process Management (BPM) was evolving ever since its very early days as an Oracle application. Metastorm BPM was an influential leader in the market for more than a decade. And as it was growing, Metastorm BPM consistently kept up with and took advantage of the ever-changing technological landscape. In its hay days, Metastorm BPM was a go-to platform for automating people-intensive administrative and management processes.

Up until 2011, when OpenText decided to buy this BPM leader.

Metastorm BPM After OpenText

In 2011, right after the acquisition of Metastorm, Robert Farrell, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Metastorm, announced: “OpenText presents a great new opportunity for our customers and our team…We’ll continue to offer our customers Metastorm’s leading solutions, and add even greater value with an expanded solutions portfolio and the support of a much larger ECM company.”

Metastorm had high hopes back in 2011 and made big promises. But now, 8 years after the fact, things aren’t so optimistic for companies that use Metastorm BPM.

Usually, when a big and established vendor buys a smaller but already successful company, there is always a risk for end users. A risk that the big vendor will always have other priorities. And unfortunately the small, but a once successful company will end up as an outdated solution.

I am afraid that this is exactly what happened with OpenText- Documentum and that is what is happening with OpenText- Metastorm integration.

Since 2011, Metastorm BPM is far from its glory from the good old days. Metastorm’s BPM solution, once a leader in the industry now is just a poorly managed and outdated BPM system.

All those promises made by OpenText in 2011 and all the high hopes of Metastorm, seem to have come to nothing. Which is very bad for companies that still use Metastorm.

Metastorm’s Dance With Death

What 8 years does to a superhero like Metastorm

The last version of Metastorm was launched on December 2014, the 9.4. Since then, it’s a countdown to death, scheduled on December 2019.

Currently, the major strengths of the system are the new features like syntax checking, promoting of functions, proper Business Objects, strong typing, Intellisense etc, all the things that were seriously lacking in previous versions.

However, these new features brought about a new serious consequence: much lower speed. Because of its current complexity and the scheduled End-of-Life for Metastorm, clients cannot expect any improvements.

In terms of integration, the system is open to integration, but it needs to be thoroughly planned. Open Text MBPM has separate but interdependent modules for Analysts, Developers, and Administrators.

One of the main strengths of Metastorm BPM before OpenText was the ability for non-developers to build complete systems that worked and were very productive.

Now, non-developers are being marginalized by the need to understand and use C#. So, you need to understand C#, or at least basic ‘low level’ coding concepts in order to build systems. But for this, organizations will need to rely on programmers instead of process designers.

Metastorm users have the option to migrate onto OpenText’s Process Suite, to stay on Metastorm and hope for the best, or, to pick a different BPM platform that fits their needs better than the overly bulky Process Suite.

Being on the market for more than 15 years now, Armedia has established very successful collaborations with proven and experienced vendors like ArkCase, Alfresco, Ephesoft, Caliente, Snowbound, and AWS.

And we gladly recommend you to consider ArkCase for your BPM needs. Arkcase today is where Metastorm was, 8 years ago: agile, cutting-edge, client-oriented.

Why ArkCase As The Metastorm BPM Alternative

The long experience, together with the successful collaborations resulted in the creation of numerous software solutions that are reliable, open-source, scalable, secure, flexible and cost-effective.

We’ve found that ArkCase Case Management is suitable for any organization with a bit of tweaking. From BPM/ Workflows to Case Management, Complaint Management, Correspondence Management, FOIA Compliance, Content Cloud.

Armedia has worked with many business-oriented organizations and we are well aware of the damages that an outdated BPM system can do to your organization:

  1. Inconsistent application of business rules,
  2. Lack of visibility into processes,
  3. Lower productivity and efficiency,
  4. Collaboration difficulties,
  5. Integration difficulties with other systems.

Knowing the challenges, our technical team tested different open-source BPM solutions. We found that ArkCase, while at its core a case management platform, is actually as close to a perfect match as it gets.

After several trial runs to see if ArkCase can provide the needed user-friendliness for non-technical staff, we adopted it as our go-to solution for BPM projects.

  • Non-developers can easily find their way around the drag and drop functionality to build processes.
  • Form-creation is also a simple, non-technical task that process managers can easily put together.
  • Integration with external services like Exchange Server, AWS is also easy and ready to go.

For organizations that have used Metastorm for years, one of the key pain points is migrating their workflows and their data onto a new, reliable, user-friendly platform.

This process is not something your organization should do in-house. There are so many moving parts, so manly little things that can cause disastrous results, that it simply doesn’t make sense to risk all your data while working with it in real time.

We’ve done large migration processes and have honed the workflow to perfection. Then, we automated it. We’ve built the software and workflows to migrate any database format into the needed format for ArkCase. We called this application for data migration Caliente. With Caliente, we can do large projects cost-effectively.

Let me explain.

The Fear Of Data Loss: SOLVED!

organization's fear of data loss

Over the years, one of the main reasons why organizations were hesitant to move off to a modern BPM solution was the fear of data loss during migration.

And this is a good fear to have. You don’t want to jump off of any software solution to a new one, just because there is a newer application out there.

Switching from one BPM solution to another has more to do with data migration than any other thing. And the data that accumulated in your organization is critically important.

Armedia has been working in the data migration field for over 15 years, and we’ve learned that preparation and automation are the key components to a successful data migration project.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done. In all our migration projects we’ve created templates for data collection, data evaluation, data adaptation, migration and verification. This has helped us move large amounts of data onto ArkCase with 100% data integrity.

We then took the documented steps and automated them into a data migration tool, Caliente. With Caliente, we can now perform data migrations flawlessly. And more importantly, quickly and on a budget.

To Sum Up

What was once a solid and leading solution in the IT sector can easily become an outdated solution that can do more harm than good to your business. And in this world where IT solutions develop and improve every day, that is a very likely scenario. All you’d have to do is stop improving, and competitors will take care of the rest.

This is exactly what happened to Metastorm. Once OpenText bought it, there was very little interest in improving the software. And 8 years later, Metastorm is just a shadow of its former self. Now, whoever uses it, plans on jumping ship.

Luckily, software solutions like ArkCase, that are modern, flexible, affordable and reliable, had enough time to prove their worth on the market.

Armedia has been using ArkCase to build successful BPM solutions, and we have migrated large amounts of data from just about any database format into ArkCase. At 100% data integrity, every time.

If feel left behind by technology and coasting along on the Metastorm ship, it may be time for you to consider ArkCase.

For any extra information, comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Armedia, or just comment below this blog post.

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