Document Scanning and Digitization

Trust Armedia with your physical documents to scan into digital documents. We have experience with over 10 million scans at 99.99% accuracy.  Armedia offers a clean, safe and security-cleared facility to properly care for and maintain your documents during their conversion process.  We understand the importance of your documents as well as the need for document privacy.  Our digitization team members pass extensive background and drug screenings, sign non-disclosure documents, and qualify for Public Trust and higher-level clearances.  Armedia removes the worry about the most valuable part of your ECM – your content.

Armedia Scan Count10 Million Scans Completed

Armedia will do what it takes to help you achieve your goals while protecting your documents.  Armedia will scan documents at your office or ours. Armedia’s trained staff will inventory, box, label and transport documents to our secure offices or move them within your offices to the dedicated scanning space.  We will then prepare the documents for scanning, digitize the documents, perform quality control, and return the physical documents to be stored or destroyed.  Depending on your goals, we can add the digitized files to your platform for easy access including search functionality in an existing or new system.

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Client History

  • A Consumer Finance department worked with us to manage all of their national client’s legal real estate documents.  Clients mailed their paper and digital documents to Armedia for us to add to their custom ECM repository that we designed, managed and hosted. The client was able to access and search files within 36 hours of receipt to Armedia.
  • A division of the Department of Agriculture has worked with us for years to digitize several different department files to their custom repository for easy, searchable access to a national audience. It also helped them reduce their space constraints in their new offices.
  • A Public Defender Services agency worked with Armedia to digitize their case file documents and create a secure, custom repository for quick, searchable access of files. They were also able to reduce their storage fees for aged out documents.

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